[Weekly Note] The Mindset Technique that Changed My Life

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1️⃣ Never be too proud or too “I can fix this myself” to reach out for help when you are deep in deep water.

2️⃣ In case you missed it this week on Instagram; I will soon launch a FREE 5 Days Email Course that will help you manifest the 2022 you desire. You’ll of course get a direct link as soon as it launches.

3️⃣ We’re kicking off a brand-new series on the Resource Hub called “Lightworker Lessons from ______” this week. I will each month share Lightworker Lessons from one show or season on Netflix or HBO.

This January, the theme on the Resource Hub and the Weekly Notes is Mental Health & Well-Being. Something that’s super important, yet often overlooked in the quest of manifesting our goals and desires.

The monthly “Lightworker Lessons from ______” - series would normally be published the first Thursday in the month, so we can focus the rest of the month on our monthly theme. It landed on the second Thursday of this month because I simply haven’t had much time between Christmas and New Year to sit down and watch anything.

I had some major psychic readings I needed to prioritise above watching a show for an online article. I hope you understand, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE] 🙏🏻


The exclusive article for this week is about a mindset technique I’m using when I'm in deep waters.

Our mindset is one of the most powerful tools we have to accomplish anything in life! It’s also helping us deal with whatever that’s going on around us.

I don’t believe it’s healthy to force yourself to be happy if you aren’t. I don’t like lying to myself, or forcing me to feel a certain way just because someone had told me to “always stay positive!”

I have had several depressions in my life, and I have survived The Dark Nights of the Soul twice. Let me be completely honest here, IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to force yourself to be positive and happy all the time, when you’re going through emotional and mental pain.

So don’t!

Don’t stress about it!

Don’t think you have to feel in a certain way to get better!

Don’t lie to yourself!

Instead, and this is very important!

When you feel life sucks, and you can’t see the woods for just trees, take a step back and call someone who is professionally qualified to help you!

Don’t let your pride and fear of sounding like a wuss stop you from asking trained and qualified people to help you! Your friends and family is not enough, UNLESS they are trained and certificated and can be impartial! Your friends and family doesn't have the tools or expert knowledge that really can help you.

I’m a professional Spiritual Teacher and Mentor. I have over 16 different educations, training, and certifications on me, AND I have life-long experience as a psychic and healer. In all humbleness, I am pretty damn good at what I’m doing!

BUT I also know when to take a step back and call in help!

I might, technically and intellectually, know what to do, but when the emotional and mental pain is too high and too aggressive it’s time to call for help! When we are too emotional and mentally involved in our own pains and sufferings, it can be difficult to look at things from a rational point of view.

The Mindset Technique here is to let go of our pride and “I can fix this myself”-mentality, and ask for help when we need it!

I have my team of professional and qualified people to help me when I’m in need.

How about you?


5 Lightworker Lessons from Emily in Paris season 2

I told you last week that I had something exciting in my sleeves this week. One of my lockdown ideas was to create a series on the Resource Hub with Lightworker Lessons from a show on Netflix or HBO.

One of the very first titles I wrote down was the new season of Emily in Paris! I loved the first season, so when I heard there would be a second season, I was fast to jot it down. So here we are, almost a year later, and it’s finally time to set our little “Lightworker Lessons from ______” in motion.

If you have any suggestions for Netflix or HBO shows to the “Lightworker Lessons from _____” let me know in the comments on the Instagram post for this week’s article 🙏🏻


5 Lightworker Lessons from Emily in Paris season 2

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