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Can you believe 2021 is almost over?!?!

I think many of us can agree that 2021 was a shitty year - just like 2020... I hope COVID won't sabotage 2022, but unfortunately my psychic radar indicates that we probably have wait to 2023/24 before we can be completely rid of corona. Yaaaay.... 😩😩

I'm spending my Christmas break on doing some psychic readings for myself and my business. It's actually only 2, but it feels longer. Check this out...

When I do readings, I'm always very thorough and writing EVERYTHING down. It makes it easier to go back and check things later on, or get a deeper understanding in a future reading. But because a full reading as a minimum takes 8 hours, it becomes difficult to take clients for readings... my minimum fee for readings is $100/hour, but usually $200/hour because I put so much work, energy and time (it's difficult to find time or headspace to do anything else work-wise while doing a readings) into each reading. So a full reading will be $800-1600 USD with a delivery time in a week.

Another thing with the readings is, I'm often do them in the afternoon or evening/night when I know I'm not getting distracted... which often leads to some very late bedtimes. It's okay right now, because I'm on Christmas break. I'm still working on the second reading. There is 27 out of 34 rows backs, and one row takes about an hour. It's a massive reading, this one. A normal full reading has 10-11 rows.

I hope you now understand why there is a limit on how many client readings I can do.

Oh, was that a spoiler alert to something new coming up in 2022? 🤭

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Almost Everything will Work Again if You Unplug It for a Few Minutes.

The holiday break is a perfect opportunity to slowdown and pull the plug from all the buzzing noise we're exposed to online, on social media, in our inbox, and on our phones.

It sometimes makes me wonder; is it us who is controlling our phones... or is it our phones that is controlling us?

This is an important question for our mental health and well-being.


As a Lightworker, you would need to focus on keeping your Light shining as much as possible. So if something is bringing you down, making you sad, or causing you to have nightmares, it's time to remove those things from your life. It's okay to admit your limitations!


🎞️ WATCHING: Right now nothing. My TV has been turned on for the whole week.

📚 READING: I'm doing some psychic readings this week for myself and my business.


🧠 LEARNING: Neuroscience

💜 LOVING: Having some time off...

🎊 GRATEFUL FOR: My family and loved ones.

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